What are the other characters in the game?

  • Ivy the Fairy- Care taker in Enchanted Sanctuary
  • Jean Claude Sea Monster- MarineLand
  • Katrina the Catfish- MarineLand in Merrlywood
  • Isabella- AdventureLand Store Keeper
  • ZuZu Petals- My Neighborhood Garden Defense
  • Cappy the Sea Captain- MarineLand Salty Sea Captain
  • Val 2.0- FutureLand Computer
  • Dr. Brain- FutureLand Evil Mastermind
  • Poe- Windy Hollows
  • Flops- Hops-a-lots Cousin
  • Punk-Punks- AdventureLand Trouble Makers
  • Gords- FutureLand Evil Henchmen
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